Claudette Gamache

My creative journey has now taken me to a layering technique using pastels where I include up to 20 layers in my painting. Choosing the proper papers, pastels, brushes, turpenoid and fixatives helps to make this process work. The practice of layering color over color, taking it out with a brush, reflection, connecting with and repeating this process many times can last for days, weeks or months. A communication/relationship begins to come at a certain point in my creative process and at this time for me a certain vibration, an aliveness is transferred into the painting. This process has led me to a new way of making art. Through the layering process, my paintings have evolved into capturing the essence of landscapes and seascapes where I lead the viewer to a calm and serene place in nature. It is here where one can connect with and discover their own meaning which can stimulate a relaxation response.

Claudette Gamache

I live at Popham Beach where I am drawn to the essence of nature and nurtured by the many faces of natures’ changing scenes, the power and calm of the ocean, the changing colors of the marshes, the sense of mystery and ever changing beauty of the coast. Sometimes, either before, during or after certain paintings, I have the urge to further express myself in writing whether it be creative words or a poem. For me, this gives me a deeper understanding of my creative journey which I begin to see after the passing of time and reflection. I am able to see the unplanned message that comes forth when in creative process connecting with the mysterious source.

I find that layering is my meditation for soul expression and my healing journey. This encourages a relaxation response within me. My wish is that the viewer can experience the same.

Inner Agitation

Inner agitation
Wanting to be expressed
I find my way to the studio

Hundreds of pastels surround me
Thirty to forty of each color
Each a different value

Pictures of places
My heart remains
There for the pick

Today one calls out
Propped, my memory fills
All my senses

The creative process
A mystery as I pick and choose
Colors intently and intuitively

My hand, mind and heart
All one as time flies by
A process hard to explain

For me a mystery
And the inner agitation